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Thoughts of a COFIS trustee 6.11.23

I wrote the following during a return train journey today, between Queen Street and Haymarket:

On Monday 6 November, I arrived at Queen Street Station in Glasgow around 5.30pm to catch a train, and immediately heard genocidal hate chants from a large group of terrorist supporters. I informed Scotrail staff including one who identified himself as David Ross, a director of Scotrail. I asked him why they were permitting the premises to be used for this purpose. I told him that I did not feel safe in an environment where people are chanting for the murder of my friends.


I then spoke to police officers, who claimed that it was a peaceful protest and, bizarrely, that the protestors were "opposing genocide." I informed them of the significance of what was being called for but, to be fair to them, they know they do not have the support of the Scottish government should they take action against antisemites.


I have studied antisemitism for a very long time. I have visited Yad Vashem and Auschwitz many times; also the Westerbork transit camp where Anne Frank was held; also Hebron where the UK government in the Mandate era failed to save the 3000 year old Jewish community from being exterminated in a pogrom and Gush Etzion where the British in 1948 allowed the Jordanian army, trained and led by British officers, to massacre innocent, peaceful people living on a kibbutz. I know my stuff.


#NeverAgainIsNow. People have worried about future generations forgetting the Holocaust. Well, my views have changed since October 7. Antisemitism is not about dead Germans. It didn't start or end with Hitler (Y.S.) and the world now faces an evil much more immediate and threatening. We don't have to wonder how it felt living in a ghetto, or Nuremberg during a rally, or why people turned a blind eye to the murder of their neighbours during pogroms. You just need to be a member of the Jewish conmunity walking through a station in Glasgow.


What makes it worse than Nazi Germany? Because it is seen as 'virtuous' to hate Israel, motivated by a philosophy that openly declares warfare on all who stand against it. The virtue-signallers in Glasgow, no matter how stupid they are, must surely realise that their wokery has drawn them into a death cult -and it is a cult - masterminded by the regime of Iran, where women are murdered if they dare to not wear a veil. This cult wants to first exterminate Jews, then Christians, atheists, Hindus, Baha'i, Zoroastrians, Druze; Yazidi; women who want equality, and will not end until it slaughters anyone who cares about the existence and protection of sentient mammals on Planet Earth. The 'Queers for Palestine' brigade would be high on their hit-list.


I am not going to complain about a poorly-trained police officer or Scotrail staff who see their station overwhelmed by the detritus of our civilisation, such as it is. The rot begins much higher up the food chain, with people who should know better. The politicians who call for a "ceasefire" that would end any hope of freeing the hostages and would lead to more genocidal attacks on innocent people. The same politicians who ignore the International Genocide Convention which obligates ALL countries to act against Hamas, superseding national law.


In 1948, on the last day of the British Mandate, the UK government and its Jew-hating Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin permitted the Jordanian Legion, trained and led by British officers, to march in and slaughter innocent, peace-loving people on the kibbutz at Kfar Etzion. Sound familiar? Until October 7 this year, it seemed like a monstrous moment from history that could never be repeated. But it has.


In 1929, the 3000 year old Jewish community of Hebron was obliterated by a pogrom, when again the British Mandate administration failed to protect its Jews. After 1967, Jews finally returned, to their 'ghetto' in H2, which protects them from being slaughtered. If you object to 'settlers', do you believe that Jews should again be expelled from the city that was the capital of King David before Jerusalem?


The Torah tells us that Abraham refused to accept a gift of land at Hebron, insisting on paying in full so there could never be a dispute of ownership. It became the burial place of Avraham Avinu and Sarah; Isaac and Rivka; Jacob and Leah. Hashem forbid that Israel could ever countenance Machpelah again becoming Judenrein. Do you know that Machpelah is the only holy site in Judea & Samaria that functions both as a synagogue and a mosque? That could only happen under Israeli control.


Also in 1948, Jordan conquered the Old City of Jerusalem. Jews were expelled from the place that had been their home for 3000 years; homes and synagogues were destroyed and graveyards desecrated. According to the 'international community', the Jews who moved back there after 1967 are 'settlers'.


Again, if you are against 'settlements', do you support it again becoming Judenrein? Let me tell you about another Abraham, who made aliyah at the time of the Suez Crisis in 1956; who sang 'You take the high road...' when he first heard my Scottish accent and it reminded him of the Scottish teacher who taught him the song decades before in his native South Africa, who now struggles to recognise anyone and requires a full-time carer. Is he a settler? Should he and his family be evicted?


How about another friend, Rabbi Moshe, who spends his life speaking with people of different faiths, promoting peace? He encourages people to focus on "God the Father"; a belief common to all monotheists. Should he be evicted?


How about the young gay man, adopted as a child in California, who works peacefully in a local shop. Is he a settler? Should he be evicted?


I spent Sunday afternoon at a peace vigil in Edinburgh, where I was allocated a simple task. Tie a balloon to a pair of shoes and match it up with a bit of paper. What could be easier? Well, when it involves looking into the face of a missing person; abducted by savages from an organisation whose TV channel has recently stated that Muslim men are permitted to rape 'prisoners of war'; when the shoes represent the empty shoes of the hostages held prisoner; when you realise that the tiny, inconsequential thing you are doing for the victim is all that you can do, that simple task becomes very hard indeed. It is no longer a statistic or about a stranger. This is a mitzvah (good deed) for someone you will never forget.


It also solidified in my mind that there can be no compromise with evil. The IDF must not stop until every hostage is accounted for. The collateral damage is entirely the responsibility, legally and morally, of Hamas.”

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