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Next train to Riyadh?

On the day this article was published (30 July 2023), two events happened in the world of high speed trains. The BBC reported that the UK's long-delayed and wildly over-budget HS2 project has been branded 'unachievable': meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled a project which will provide high-speed rail from the Lebanese border all the way down to the Red Sea at Eilat. Costing an estimated NIS 100 billion, Bibi outlined the benefit to trade of being able to transport freight rapidly from the Red Sea to the Medierranean ports and to individuals of much faster travel. He has even speculated about extending the rail network to "Saudi Arabia and the Arabian peninsula", which could open up the exciting prospect of a direct connection between the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf. In his speech, Bibi also pointed out the environmental benefits of reducing pollution and eliminating the traffic jams from Israel's congested roads.

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