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The Simchat Torah Massacre

For survivors' stories, check out 

Simchat Torah should be a joyous occasion; a time for renewal as Jews reach the end of one cycle of Torah readings and begin the next. This year, it has been an extremely dark occasion for all of us. Hundreds of Jews, as well as at least one group of Bedouin Muslims, have been massacred by Hamas. Women being raped; children and elderly people abducted and murdered.


Unlike the Yom Kippur War, almost exactly 50 years ago, Israel is not being attacked by neighbouring countries. Indeed, her Arab neighbours are deeply concerned about the Iranian funded and Iranian controlled terrorists who pose a threat to them as well as to Israel. And, when terrorists are involved, the word 'civilian' is often unhelpful. Hamas are not an army who will respect any rules of war. They are civilians, but they are criminal combatants.

In Scotland, we have had the nauseating sight of Celtic fans openly supporting Hamas and celebrating rape and murder, including the murder of at least one of their fellow fans. We have emailed the CEOs of Celtic Football Club; the SFA and the SPFL to ask for their response. Elsewhere, the usual virulently antisemitic race-baiters, haters and terrorist supporters have been celebrating. We shall not give them the oxygen of publicity by naming them here.  

We know, however, that the vast majority of people in Scotland oppose terrorism; oppose murder and oppose rape. They will be on the right side in this conflict. Our friends at UJIA (United Jewish Israel Appeal) have an emergency appeal at the moment on their website here to help the victims, as do our friends at Magen David Adom, the Israeli ambulance service.  Please give generously: Link

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