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Letter from America

The words of a Jewish attorney in the United States:


I am writing to express my heart-felt, sad feelings over recent events.

I am haunted by the scene of the little girl crying, “I WANT MY MOMMY,” while she is being tortured and killed.

I am so saddened by the picture of the 3-year-old clutching his baby sister wrapped in a blanket, whose parents have just been murdered in their home.

I am sickened by the gang rapes of women.

I am horrified by the recent finding of a 12-year old girl burned to death next to her dead twin brother.

I am left numb by the hundreds of unarmed young women and men dancing to music who were slaughtered.

I am more than depressed by the photos of beheaded babies and babies burnt in ovens.

I am shocked by the slicing open of a pregnant woman and destruction of her fetus.

I am angered by the abduction of over 200 civilians – babies, children, men, women, handicapped, holocaust survivors, Jews, Christians, and Moslems.

I am sorry for Hamas’ use of human shields and prevention of innocent Palestinians from heeding Israeli warnings to leave the war zone, resulting in loss of life of innocent Palestinians.

I am more than disturbed by Hamas’ use of hospitals, schools, mosques, and homes as storage places for munitions, military centers, covers for attack tunnels, and locations from which they fire at Israelis, resulting in deaths of innocent Palestinians.

How do we know of the atrocities of October 7 – from the videos taken by the giddy murderers, themselves, one of whom calls back to his parents, “Look how many I killed with my own hands! Your son killed Jews! Mom, your son is a hero.”

But I am also saddened by our youth who march with the Jew-haters in support of the Hamas butchers. They are uninformed and brainwashed by the anti-Jewish professors, by the Palestinians who are so good at playing the victim card, and by the Hamas-leaning media. I hope that one day they realize that when they march with those chanting the genocidal “From the river to the sea…”, they are truly supporting pure evil against Jews, who like us, wish to only live in peace and harmony with their neighbors.

Finally, I totally detest and am repulsed by the self-hating, emotionally-disturbed Jews, who have lost their sense of decency, humanity, and sanity, by supporting and defending the unconscionable monsters whose stated goal is to kill Jews and to repeat October 7 over and over again, until the entire land is free of Jews. This is enshrined in their charter and openly admitted in interviews by their leadership.

On October 7, Hamas once again showed its true colors. Some, however, are color-blind and are moral degenerates.

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